Fall Afterschool Classes for Kids 2018

Run Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday Afternoons from 330 - 430 PM
Our first class of the first trimester of the year begins on Tuesday, September 4th.
Consider joining us for an OPEN HOUSE on Thursday, August 30th from 430 to 6 PM.  
"Artbug" small group classes are designed to incorporate a great variety of visual art experiences.Hands-on learning and developing a studio practice is a top priority, as well as, learnings about Artists and Art History. Science, technology, research, practice, drawing skills,and positive modeling practices are encouraged in this exemplary creative environment. Students have experience and access to a printing press, 3D printer, pottery wheels, sewing machines, needle printing machine, an extensive art library, art resources, and more. In March, we have a spectacular Young Artist exhibit in honor of their work and in coordination of annual Youth Art Month. All Classes are primarily taught by Art Educator and Artist-In-Residence Helene Farrar. More Information about Helene at www.HeleneFarrar.com or under "About Instructors". 

Classes are grouped by balancing student ages and family schedules.
Most children attend weekly but biweekly attendance can also be arranged. Dependant on family schedules and budgets.
Cost is $20./young artist / class which includes tuition, materials and a healthy snack. Two sibling children attending $35. / class. Scholarships available for some and work-study opportunities for Teens and Young Adults. Please feel free to call Helene and see how we can make this a go for a child:) 

Children can change days depending on busy family schedules! 
Children can also jump in at anytime of the year!

for KIDS
Email  Helene@helenefarrar.com
or Call Helene (207)485-5691

Register Form Below
and Pay Online HERE

Class Payment Options

Artbug REGISTRATION & Information Sheet

Student Name______________________________

Age _______________ Grade _________

Home / Mailing


Home Phone________________________________________



Any other info______________________________

Weekly Class Wanting to Attend or Other______________________________________

Parental and Emergency Information

Mom’s Name_________________

Mom’s Cell___________________

Dad’s Name__________________

Dad’s Cell_____________________

Emergency Contact

#1 Name _______________________Phone______________

#2 Name _____________________Phone______________

Please provide info. about individuals your child has permission to go home with, names and relationships, any information that is helpful including any physical limitations / restrictions, allergies, medical conditions to be aware of, or medicine taken by your child

I hereby give permission for my child/ children to participate in Helene Farrar
Art's programs and field trips.
I give permission to use my childʼs / childrenʼs photo in promotional material.
In case of an accident I grant permission for my child/ children to receive medical
treatment, if needed, and authorize the attending physician to administer any necessary
medical attention.
Parent / Guardian Signature,

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