About the Teachers

Hélène Farrar
Hélène is a devoted art educator who draws connections between her leadership in the classroom, her personal studio practice and a wider lens looking at contemporary and historical context. She has had a fifteen-year teaching practice across a wide range from formal classrooms to community-based experiences. Her art career has been highlighted by invitations to exhibit throughout New England and England. Hélene has her Master of Fine Arts Degree from Goddard College and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Art from the University of Maine. She also hold a current professional teaching certificate for Art K - 12.
FMI about Hélène www.helenefarrar.com

Hélène painting on site at the Gardiner Estate
Adrienne Beacham
A compulsive and passionate maker of Things, Adrienne Beacham recently received her BA in Art from the University of Maine at Augusta.  She is happiest when her restless, birdy hands are submerged in creative action, and constructing multi-media plush monster dolls (under the alias "Crystal Bananas") seems to be her gig at the moment.  When she's not sewing, cooking, lifting mad weights, or passing time with loved ones, her busy hands can be found at Bagel Mania, deftly constructing breakfasts and lunches.  In the future, though, she hopes to further her education, eventually obtaining her certification for teaching art K-12. 
Adrienne and one of her monsters!

Tyson Pease
Tyson is a graduate student working on his MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts with Goddard College. It’s a low-residency program based in Vermont, so he can participate from his home in Maine. His specific areas of focus are comics / illustration, building community, and alternative education. " I want to share stories that interest me. I want to bring people together. And I want to help them show the world their best through creative practice." www.TysonPease.com

Barb Loken
Barbara Loken has been an artist/potter for over forty years. Her work includes watercolors, batiks, wood block prints, silk-screen work and both functional and non-functional work in clay. After college, Barb studied at the International School of Art in Salzburg, then traveled and lived in Italy, Jerusalem, Jordan, and Israel. She and her husband Neal lived and studied in Japan before returning home to set up Loken Pottery. Barb taught art at Hall-Dale High School in Hallowell for twenty years.  She now works full time in the studio with Neal. 
Barb in the studio!

 Brynn Wartman
Brynn recently relocated to Maine after spending six years teaching dance and managing the community outreach programs for Boston Ballet. Prior to her east coast move, she served as the Education Coordinator for The Children's Museum in Seattle, where she designed and delivered arts and humanities programming for all ages. Brynn also serves as the board co-chair and education advisor for The Colored Pencil Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the distribution of arts supplies to children living around the world in impoverished communities. She holds a Masters in Arts in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and B.A. in Art History and Studio Arts from Santa Clara University. Brynn loves living in Hallowell with her husband, new son, Micah, and her mighty 12-pound Boston Terrier, Copley.

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