Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Workshops Start October 15th! For Kids "Monster Manufacturing" and "Cartooning" and For Adults "Getting A Little Start in Art"

for KIDS and Adults START October 15th!

"Monster Manufacturing" Wednesday, October 15th  5 - 6 PM 
5 weeks $100. includes snack and all materials  Instructor: Adrienne Beacham 
See more about Adrienne under "More About Our Instructors"
In this creature-creation workshop, young Frankensteins are invited to bring their imaginary monsters out into the world. Friendly, scary, or strange, we’ll develop a character through drawings, paintings, and short stories and then turn our newly created personalities into sewn, stuffed monsters. Students will learn basic sewing skills, as well as how to construct very simple patterns. 

"Cartooning" Thursday, October 16th 5 - 6 PM
5 weeks $100. includes snack and all materials Instructor: Tyson Pease
See more about Tyson under "More About Our Instructors"
Comics are a magical mix of text and words that can make for mighty, imaginative stories. In this five-week course, students will learn the basics of creating comics and developing their own characters. Students have the opportunity to leave the workshop with their own finished character designs and comic strips.

“Getting A Little Start In Art” Starts October 15th
5 Wednesday Evenings
7:30 - 9 PM $70. / class or $15 each 
Every person has the right to make art! Come and let us help you find your inner artist! While exploring new mediums (materials), learn how artists gather ideas and bring them to fruition! Make stuff in a accepting and positive atmosphere!

“Drawing for the Beginner”  Starts January 14th
5 Wednesday Evenings
7:30 - 9 PM $70. / class or $15 each
Most individuals give up drawing around the age 11. Its time to pick up that pencil again and learn how to "see". We will explore basic drawing concepts including contour drawing, recording light and shadow, and gesture.  We will also discuss Artists using contemporary and historical drawing methods.