Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School!

Another summer is here and gone!

Our new fall schedule for kids, teens and adults alike are here under the heading Fall Schedules!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Whoa, Summer Art Camp!

5 Mornings of Art = Art Camp 2013.  What a week it was and as you can see.... We sewed, worked with clay, a little performance art and costume design, painted with sponges and other watermedia, made casts from molds we poured ourselves, created puppets, and painted artist books using canvas, and of course, tie dyed too!

 Art + Play = Growth  
Community = Energy + Art
Education  + Art = Smart
Experimentation + Risk-taking + Ideas +  Time = You tell me....What is the equation you see here?
Clay Silly Guy

Moustache, anyone?

Tie Dying - Perfect Weather!

Making a "mold box" to cast my silly face...

Silly Face Casted with ComposiMold

On the Red Carpet


Beginning Sewing...

And a little costume design!

Sitting and sewing!

Removing my silly guy from the mold with Scientist Stan!

Original (with paint) and casted duplicate!

Painting with watermedia and sponges!

Making our art our food!